You will have access to WooGoo from Level 12.



There are 9 ways to acquire WooGoo:

1. Purchasing with a credit card or Paypal account. Click on ‘+ Add WooGoo’ (which is to the right of the picture of WooGoo) and choose your package. You will then be forwarded to the Facebook payment page and you can choose one of the payment options suitable for your country.



2. They can appear in your garden whilst you are harvesting. Please keep in mind that this is rare and solely based on luck. Try planting plants that take a long time to grow – you should have more luck then.
3. You get them when using the WooGoo pump (See Article 'How does the WooGoo Pump work?').
4. You get them when using the Windmill (See Article 'How does the Windmill work?').
5. You can win them from Robert when you complete a big sale (See Article 'Robert & Roberta').
6. You can win them in the Daily Baby Bonus (See Article 'Baby').
7. You can gift up to 100 WooGoo to your friends over the course of a day. You will be able to receive a maximum of 50 WooGoo per day (See Article 'Your friends and gifting them').
8. If you are making products in your factories and run out of WooGoo, you can ask your friends to send you some by clicking on the Ask Friends button to the very right of the product.



9. You can click on the Roberta Sales Board and cheer on your friends. When this post is shared on your wall, your friends can click on it and get 1 WooGoo.




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