Coins are very important in the game as you need them to: buy decorations and plants, change the look of your Monster, expand on your plots and fence area, feed your helper and purchase Monstrous Machines.

There are 8 ways to acquire coins:

1. You can purchase coins in the game if your stock is running low. Click on ‘+ Add Coins’ (which is to the right of the picture of Coins) and choose your package. You will then be forwarded to the payment page and you can choose from one of the payment options available.


2. They can appear in your garden whilst you are harvesting. Please keep in mind that this is rare and solely based on luck. Try planting plants that take a long time to grow - you should have more luck then.
3. You can win them from Robert and Roberta when you complete a sale (See Article 'Robert & Roberta').
4. You can win them in the Daily Baby Bonus (See Article 'Baby').
5. You can win them when completing certain goals (See Article All about Goals).
6. You can win them on the Cactus Strike (See Article 'How does the Cactus Strike work?').
7. Selling plants (See Article 'Your Garden').
8. Clicking on your friends posts on their wall when they have completed a goal or sale to Robert/Roberta (See Article 'All about Goals and/or 'Robert & Roberta').


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